Andy Petree's Christian Testimony


I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 12 years-old, but unfortunately, I grew away from Christ and the church as my racing career took off.  It is just something that happens when you grow into the world and become more a part of the world.  Racing was the most important thing in my life.  Although I experienced a lot of success, true happiness never came with it.


I was very fortunate to find Motor Racing Outreach early in my career. They were a big, huge help to me spiritually, but my racing career was still the most important thing.  I guess that is why God took my racing career away from me in the middle of 2004.  First, this was a very big adjustment for me and I did not know how to handle it.  However, as time went on, I accepted it and embraced it.  We found a great local church and I have grown a lot closer to Christ.  The past 2½ years away from the sport have been the most satisfying and happiest years of my life.


Now, I have been given the opportunity to join the ESPN broadcast team.  I don’t know where this new career is going to take me, but maybe God will use me to win new souls to him.   But, if I ever lose this peace in my heart that I have found, then I will know it is time for me to do something else.  But for now, it is giving me a platform to share my faith, and for that I am very thankful.


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