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#DidYouKnow ::: Phoenix Raceway


- Joey Logano wins at Phoenix and joins Jimmie Johnson and Carl Edwards in winning their way into the Championship Four.  Kyle Busch took the final spot with his second place finish after Matt Kenseth was in a crash on a restart when Michael McDowell had a tire failure, spun out and hit the wall, which brought out a caution with a lap to go in the race. This was the third time this season that McDowell has had tire failure and brought out a caution that had an effect on the eventual winner.  Gibbs drivers finished 5th and 6th, while Stewart-Haas drivers finished 7th and 8th.  This is the first time Kevin Harvick has ever been eliminated in this format.


The Championship will now feature two Gibbs drivers and one each from the Penske and Hendrick teams (two Toyotas, one Chevy and one Ford).  If he wins, this will be the seventh Championship for Jimmie Johnson, and Kyle would be a repeat of 2015 or the first for the other two drivers (Carl Edwards and Joey Logano).







Kenseth was “IN” and Logano and Busch were tied in points for the last spot.  Logano had the advantage in the tie breaker for the final spot; however, Harvick appeared to be catching Logano which would have resulted in three Gibbs drivers going for the Championship. 
Unfortunately, a tire blew for a driver not in contention and everything changed!!  Disappointment followed for some, while joy for others.  Dreams turned to nightmares for some, while three others will have the attention of the whole NASCAR world until the end of this week’s race at Homestead.  But, only ONE will leave there without disappointment.
For the six drivers going for the two remaining spots, there were so many possibilities going into the race at Phoenix.  Thirty-four other drivers hoped for a win, even those who seemingly did not have a chance of winning.  In racing, because there are 40 teams, over 12,000 combined miles in which ‘anything can happen.’  There are hundreds of thousands of parts that could break and 240 pit crew members who could change the outcome by just one little mistake.
With so many people and parts that could go wrong, it reminds me of how our Father not only created EVERYTHING and PUT it in order, He keeps track of all that He created and what every person does which affects everything on this Earth.  In Romans 8:28, He tells us that he is not overwhelmed with any acts of man or evil spirits and will work to His Glory and our good as we love him. 
The hope of victory being so close, but not assured until the checkered flag flies, gives me assurance that the checkered flag at the Cross has already been displayed and the post-race inspection found nothing wrong, and the Resurrection of Jesus shows Victory is available to all who believe in Him.  It reminds me of how we never get it ‘all right’ in little things, but Jesus got it PERFECT once and for all.


At Homestead, there will be a Champion crowned.  Trophies and treasures will be given to the driver, but all will be spent and the trophies will one day burn up as Jesus comes to rule and reign over the Earth.  On that great day, we will not just be spectators, for in Jesus, we become heirs!  The sadness of past failures will not be remembered, only the eternal joy as we glory in Him.  Oh what Good News!  That is the Gospel.



The DYK e-newsletter PIT NOTE is written by Ron Pegram, National Director Kidz Xtreme