Motor Racing Outreach Association


Motor Racing Outreach Association Membership Levels


The Motor Racing Outreach Association exists to foster and encourage fellowship in our common faith in Christ through ministering to the needs of the racing community and its fans and especially among our members.







Initiation Fee and Annual Dues


Partner Level Member: $175 Initiation | $100 Annual Due


Associate Level Member: $250 Initiation | $150 Annual Due


For information about how to join the MRO Association, please contact our office by calling 704.455.3828 or by e-mail


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Partner Level


MROA Decal
High gloss decals that can be utilized in a variety of ways to heighten awareness and show identification with and support of the ministry.


Recognition on the Motor Racing Outreach Website
Patrons and Partners will be recognized on the MRO web site with Associate Members receiving a personal page on the web site for the purpose of further developing a ministry to the racing community served, utilizing the tools made available by current Internet technology.


Weekly Newsletter
At present, known as Did You Know, this weekly source of racing related information, stories/analogies and prayer requests covers a variety of forms of racing and provides helpful bullet points to aid the MROA member in their contact and communication aspect of their ministry. In addition, MROA members will be able to submit issues for prayer that will be shared by all for the strengthening and under girding of all motor sports ministry efforts. At present this is an electronic newsletter, therefore Internet access in necessary.


Ministry Materials
MROA members can purchase specially designed motor sports related ministry materials at a discounted rate. Items such as signature/testimony cards, tracts, motor sports focused New Testaments, videos, etc. can be acquired as they are available.

Critical Incident Support

Access to a network of ministers, chaplains and/or trauma response professionals in the event of an incident to assist in care of the racing community.


MROA Apparel Logo
A custom designed logo patch, similar to the familiar MRO icon, which can be used on apparel for enhanced identification.


Annual Regional Ministry Training Seminars
Discounted rates will be available to MROA members and their spouses. Seminars are designed to share both tactical and spiritual care tools to aid chaplains/care providers in their efforts so as to maximize impact. Seminars schedules will also allow participants to further develop ministry relationships for the purpose of biblical personal connection among others of like "heart" and "vision" to leverage the special skills and talents each individual or group posses.


Ministry Financial Management and Donor Development Consultation
A developing resource of services that will aid the member in administrating and executing his or her ministry as it relates to good financial stewardship and donor development strategies.


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Associate Level


All of the Partner Level Benefits plus...


Ministry Financial Management Support
Those who elect to become MROA Associate members will qualify to access MRO administrative support with financial management of funds under the MRO 501(c)(3) status, MRO's existing Board of Directors, and benefit from the accountability and recognition MRO has earned as a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA). This benefit, fully accessed, will free MROA Associate members to focus more of their time on actual ministry deliverables as MRO will handle aspects of the administration of a ministry that can often be time consuming. Those choosing this additional Associate level benefit will be assessed an additional administrative fee based upon a percentage of funds received and confirmed, by contract. An Independent Contractor's Agreement will be drawn which outlines details specific to the particular associate's stuation.


Pastoral Liability Insurance
Members will have available to them the opportunity to purchase coverage for their professional protection. Many sanctioning bodies in racing, as well as corporate entities, require proof of this type of coverage. MROA Associate level members who elect to access full financial and administrative support are required to document this coverage or purchase directly through MRO.


MROA Identification Card
This ID badge can be worn as another means of recognition as a person who is available to provide ministry related services. This distinguishing mark will greatly assist in trauma response. *Additional benefits are in development and will be made available to members once they are fully accessible.


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